[17/Sep/2009:19:20] Release 0.5 includes Open Flash Chart support.

[01/Jul/2009:10:50] Repoze.who authentication tutorial added

[22/Jun/2009:11:36] AJAX calculator tutorial added.

[01/May/2009:14:15] MVC/SQL based wiki tutorial added.

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Standard whiff_middleware

The WHIFF infrastructure provides a collection of standard middleware components useful for building applications and also for testing and debugging applications.

The directory INSTALL/whiff/middleware contains a special collection of whiff components which are generally useful and automatically available to all WHIFF components using the special URL whiff_middleware/*. These applications are somewhat analogous to the Python built-in objects which are available in any Python module. This portion of the documentation provides a guide to the standard WHIFF middleware components.


++ Middleware: Naming management helpers    
Standard middleware category: Naming management helpers.

++ Middleware: Data Formatting    
Standard middleware category: Data Formatting.

++ Middleware: Specialized tools    
Standard middleware category: Specialized tools.

++ Middleware: User authorization and management    
Standard middleware category: User authorization and management.

++ Middleware: Application logic helpers    
Standard middleware category: Application logic helpers.

++ Middleware: Support for external libraries    
Standard middleware category: Support for external libraries.

++ Middleware: Support for AJAX and other advanced functionality    
Standard middleware category: Support for AJAX and other advanced functionality.

++ Middleware: Miscellaneous    
Standard middleware category: Miscellaneous.

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